Balancing Valve

$ 310.00

The Graco® Balancing Valve assists divider valves to accurately proportion lubricant at high differential pressures. It is recommended for use when a pressure difference greater than 1,000 PSI exists between two or more of the points in a Graco divider valve system.

The balancing valve is not affected by downstream pressure variations. The preset pressure setting will maintain a uniform pressure throughout the system that assures accurate and efficient system operation.

• Balancing valve is not affected by downstream pressure, assures accurate flow to all lubrication points.
• Balancing valve is field adjustable. Reduces on-site inventory costs as one model meets all your system needs.
• Balancing valve is in-line mounted, so it lowers installation costs.
• Balancing valve uses a wear-resistant tungsten-carbide ball to reduce maintenance costs.

Part Number: 509-510-000, 563230 

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