Manzel MB Specialty Box Lubricator

$ 1,315.00

Choose from the 60:1 or 118:1 gear reduction boxes; both are designed to for your rugged, hazardous applications. Both are engineered to offer long life and durability when you need it most.

Combine with GBL7500 pumps and MHH divider valves for a quality lubrication solution you can feel in your hands and trust to work in the most demanding applications.

Made with Graco quality for long life and durability

  • Leak-Proof welded steel reservoir and solid steel, hardened cams
  • Double supported cam shafts and gear drives to eliminate cantilevered assemblies
  • High load capacity needle bearings and ball bearings

Manzel MB 118:1

  • MB 118:1 is the right size and durable for triplex and quintuplex mud pump applications
  • MB 118:1 – 4 or 6 pump stations max, use with any GBL7500 pump
  • MB 118:1 mounts easily and quickly! With multiple 5/16”-18” mounting threads and removable feet. Right-hand drive shaft also comes with #3 Woodruff keyway and 1/8” x 1/8” key slot.

Manzel MB 60:1

  • MB 60:1 is perfect for bolt-on gas compressor box lubrication solutions
  • MB 60:1 – 2 pump stations max, use with GBL7500 Gravity-Fed or Pressure-Fed Box Lubricator

View MB Specialty Box Lubricator Literature (download)

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