MVB Replacement Pump

$ 659.00

MVB pumps are heavy-duty precision, full-stroke pumps capable of pumping oil efficiently at a wide range of pump cycle rates and pressures. Designed to lubricate reciprocating engines and compressors, this single piston pump is mechanically driven by a camshaft in the gearbox. The pump output is easily adjustable from 0.0025 to 0.03 inch³ (0.041 to 0.49 cm³ ) per stroke. The pump is rated for pressures up to 8000 PSI (552 bar) depending on piston size. Pistons are available in 0.250 inch (6.35 mm) or 0.375 inch (9.53 mm) diameters to fit the output requirements. All working parts are enclosed for protection against dirt, water and impurities and are self-lubricated at all times by the lubricant being pumped.

The MVB pumps are rugged, heavy-duty units. The pump cylinder housing is a precision machined casting fitted with an alloy steel piston.

  • Rugged construction for high performance and durability.
  • Easy serviceability—pumps can be removed, repaired, or replaced very quickly.
  • Pump piston stroke has sufficient volume to handle “aerated oil” without risk of air-lock.
  • Pump output is easily adjustable.

Trabon / Manzel / Graco MVB pumps replace Lincoln MCLP, McCord, Premier PLP and CPI.

Part Numbers:
MVB Pump 1/4": 542-999-050, 563565 
MVB Pump 3/8": 542-999-060, 563566 
MVB Repair Kit 1/4": 560-001-740, 563918 
MVB Repair Kit 3/8": 560-001-750, 563919 

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