Kenco 507K Oil Level Controller

$ 107.35

507 Series Oil Level Controllers automatically monitor and control the amount of oil in the lubricator housing. This keeps all of the working parts including the pump plungers submerged in oil to reduce wear and corrosion. When the level falls below the operational requirement, the low level safety switch will be activated.

  • Valve design eliminates lubricator box overfill due to contaminates in the oil
  • Controls oil level in lubricator
  • Low level safety switch protects against engine and pump repairs due to lubrication failure
  • Inlet pressures up to 60 psi
  • Non-mercury switch will not react to vibration


Model 507K
The standard valve seat material is a chrome steel ball check. Seal materials are Cork Neoprene and Nitrile. A 1/2” FNPT oil inlet connection is standard. The switch is case-to-ground and the circuit will remain open until the oil supply from the outside source is empty.

View Kenco 507 Series Literature (download)

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