Lincoln Explosion Proof No-Flow Valve

$ 646.00

Model 87601 No-Flow Valve monitors lubrication systems by sensing lubricant flow. The valve will provide an electrical signal of flow failure which may be used to shut down an engine: by grounding the magneto or by operating a solenoid valve to shut down the fuel valve. By using a relay, the electrical signal may also be used to provide multiple magneto shut down or give remote warning by alarm or signal lamp. In series type lubrication systems, the no-flow valve is normally installed in the main lubricant supply line between the pump and the master divider valve.

During normal system operation, lubricant entering the valve pushes piston "P" back, compressing return spring "S" and breaking circuit formed by movable contact pins "M" with insulated contact "B" on the end of piston "P". When lubricant flow ceases, return spring "S" forces piston "P" forward closing the outlet port and forcing the trapped lubricant to pass around the controlled fit of the piston and through the capillary to the opposite end of the piston. The insulated contact "B" on the piston "P" completes the electrical circuit between the two movable contact pins "M".

An adjustment screw varies the delay period from cessation of lubricant flow to actuation of the electrical signal with adjustments from one minute time delay minimum to a maximum of two minutes delay. Turning the adjustment screw clockwise lengthens the time delay, counter-clockwise rotation shortens the time delay.


C.S.A. Certified for use in Class I, Group D. Class II, Group E, F and G. Hazardous Locations.

Part Number: 87601 

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