Manzel Lube-Line Alert 456-060-009

$ 1,167.00

N.C. Configuration w/ Check Valves for 1/4 in O.D. Tube, Standard Spring (installed), w/ Light Spring (loose).

The Manzel Lube-Line Alert is an easily installed device providing positive protection for compressors, pumps, engines and equipment employing any make or type of force feed lubrication system. Installed as close to each point of lubrication as possible, the unit acts as a sentinel to indicate flow or noflow at any point in the system ahead of the Lube-Line Alert inlet.

One Lube-Line Alert per Pumping Unit will warn of flow stoppage for any reason including low reservoir lubricant level; shaft rotation stoppage; broken lubricant lines; dirt under pump valves and worn plungers.

A single Lube-Line Alert per Lubricator will warn of low reservoir lubricant level or shaft rotation stoppage.

For complete protection, there should be as many Lube-Line Alert units in your installations as there are points of lubrication.

The Manzel Lube-Line Alert provides low-cost, dependable protection for costly machinery.

Part Number: 456-060-009, 563030

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