Pneumatic Lube Sentry

$ 276.50

The Lube Sentry Valve provides automatic warning and shutdown of compressors, pumps and engines when oil is not flowing properly to primary dividers in series type lube systems. The Lube Sentry is a simple, compact unit that installs in the main lube line between the lube pump and master divider, and downstream from any meters or filters (recommended) between the pump and the divider. It consists of two separate units - an actuator and a 3-way pneumatic valve on the Pneumatic Lube Sentry, and an actuator and microswitch assembly on the Electric Lube Sentry - that are bolted together. It’s designed for use in series type systems with flow rates ranging from 4 to 400 pints of oil per day at pressures up to 6,000 psi (414 bar). The Pneumatic Lube Sentry can also be used to control pilot pressure to compatible air safety shutdown valves on gas compressor engines.

Pneumatic shutdown can be achieved with the Pneumatic Lube Sentry which meets all hazardous condition area requirements.

For electric shutdown of machinery, the Electric Lube Sentry is available.

The Pneumatic and Electric Lube Sentry also feature:
• Absence of check valves to avoid trapping contamination from included solids in the lubricant.
• Bolted-together components simplifying maintenance. The microswitch assembly on the pneumatic valve can be removed without disturbing existing lines or shutting down the equipment being lubricated.

Part Numbers:
Pneumatic Lube Sentry Assembly: 527-100-190, 563506 
Actuator: 527-100-130, 563502 
Valve: 527-100-150, 563503 

View Lube Sentry Valve Literature (download)

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